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Buckwheat noodles with tender veal tenderloin, krispy vegetables, cooked in wok-pan with amazing Teriaky sauce. This dish is not only quick, easy to cook, but also very tasty. So try it!

Veal tenderloin 150 g
Yaki soba noodles 200 g
Baby corn 50 g
Baby carrots 50 g
Green beans 50 g
Ginger 10 g
Leek 30 g
Teriyaki sauce
Sesame oil 5 ml
Vegetable oil 30 ml
Tree fungus 5

Preparation: see THERE


The dessert of dark chocolate “supreme” with hazelnuts and coffee-orange sauce from Patrick Casula.

Hazelnut Crust:
300 g Butter
300 g Cane sugar
300g Hazelnuts

Hazelnut "supreme":
625 g Whipped cream
375 g Yolks
2 Vanilla pods
200 g Hazelnut paste
115 g Sugar
5 g Gelatin

Light chocolate cream:
1.2 l Milk
600 g Yolks
540 g Sugar
1.5 kg Premium Dark Chocolate
18 g Gelatin
1,8 l Whipped cream

Coffee jelly:
50ml Expresso coffee
120g Sugar
1 Orange, zested
15 g Gelatin

English vanilla cream:
500 g Milk
500 g Cream
4 Vanilla pods
150 g Sugar
200 g Yolks

Vanilla sauce:
400 g Water
160 g sugar
2 Vanilla pods
5 g Gelatin




I spent each summer at my grandmother’s when I was a kid, no matter how far we lived, or how difficult it was to get to that distant village.

The best of all my grandmother cooked Plăcintăs, Romanian traditional dish, very tasty, straight from the frying pan, when you take it, burning your fingers, and dip into a cold sour cream.

It tastes like my childhood, and it’s the reason why I like to visit my grandmother.

The recipe is simple and the only difference from the common Plăcintăs is that they are fried on a dry pan, and only ready-made dish greased with melted butter.

And there’s one other very important thing. All the products must be domestic, so if you going to cook Plăcintă, do not rush to the store. Better plan the fascinating trip to the nearest farmer’s market.

See the RECIPE



This traditional dish is given a south Italian treatment inspired by the picturesque coastal region of Salento. Savour the refreshing vibe of the southern Italian coast through the Salentino style pesto sauce made with crunchy walnut, fresh basil, sun dried tomatoes, tiger prawns and anchovies complemented perfectly with our light & soft home made roasted potato gnocchi.

This dish is done in the traditional Salentino style from the region of Salento from the south ofItaly where I was from. For me, this dish evokes the beautiful memories of the sea with the light and gnocchi, the anchovies and prawns and it captures the essence of this lovely coastal region.



Snails, croissants, and onion soup. These associations with French cuisine know even schoolchildren, who think that nothing in this world tastes better than pizza and one famous fast food chain.
However, all of these dishes are just a top of one of the French cooking hill.

Of course, national cuisine is one of the most important parts of the country culture. But in France, it is almost a religion. If you’re not French, you can not understand it for 100%, as well as their deep love of wine. But if you cook this dish, you will understand it a little bit better.

Cook for two, and remember: the most important is to enjoy the process as much as the result.



There are so many pasta lovers in the world. Some of them just play with different spices to create interesting flavors, someone surfs an internet for the classic pesto recipe, and others buy a pasta maker, and know all kinds of pasta. But all of them have a mutual feature – each of these types of cooks just loves Italian pasta.

This recipe is just for them.

The favorite recipe of the Chef Stefano Rossi. And you imagine how delicious the favorite dish of the professional, and even Italian, chef could be?

Although, of course, it is better not just imagine, but cook and try this fantastic dish!




Lots of people like fish, its flavor and taste. And the one, who doesn’t… Well, they don’t understand what they lose. Especially, when you have the recipe of this amazing, low-fat, tasty cod, with mixed herbs butter. I am sure, that after you read this, you will run to the kitchen to if you have all the ingredients.

So if you want something delicious yet simple to prepare, thanks to Alex Leo who gave us this recipe – just open this page.

Sometimes, in order to create something awesome, you don’t need to complicate things.


Berry Compote with Cardinal Cream


I am deeply in love with all types of macarons. I like all tastes and various fillings. I like them just itself or in some gourmet desserts.
There is nothing better than put this one little thing into your mouth, and enjoy the way it melts in your mouth. At once crunchy and chewy, sweet, juicy… Orgasmically delicious! I thing I can eat hundreds of them in a few minutes.

So when one of the best pastry-chefs of Ukraine, Aleksandr Kasian, told me that he will cook and give me the recipe of his macarons for my project Food & Chef, I packed my bag, took the camera, and arrived to him immediately.

You can imagine, how amazed I was, when I saw this spectacular dessert. It’s not just a macaron, it a real pastry masterpiece, called Berry Compote with Cardinal Cream.
Believe me, it’s so damn delicious and tender, so I asked Alexander for another one (and some few later ;). Yes, I know, I’m impudent, but I just could not resist this flavorful temptation.

Try to cook this wonderful dessert, and you will find out what a gastronomical ecstasy is.


Les Moules de la Mere Bonnier


Home cooks and “seafood” fans are usually don’t think too much about how to cook mussels. You can eat it without any condiments, or just bake it with cheese. You can say that mussels are delicious themselves and I won’t deny it, but I can tell you how to make them even tastier and reveal new notes of their taste. Even the most beautiful girl can improve something in herself – character, laugh, style, and she will become even more beautiful. The same thing with the mussels.

You can cook Mussels from mom Bonnier at home, cause you won’t need some specific products – you can buy it in any local market or shop. So write down a list of ingredients, the dinner seems to be spectacular!

See the recipe

Do you have a couple of hours to prepare a special dish? And a couple of hours to find and prepare all 40 ingredients? Do you like the small duck? But don’t want the banal taste? Do you adore delicacies and try something new, so later to tell about this your friends? Well, okay, that’s enough stupid questions. The softness of marinated duck, rich flavor of spices, cherries’ brightness, singularity mix with black pudding and coffee is for the savvy foodies.

Be ready for the fact that after this dish you’ll have to eat a couple of burgers, a bowl of salad and a plate of pasta. Otherwise you will be hungry, though very happy. Mentally and physically.

See the recipe

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